Published Pieces

  1. In press, due Jan 2021:

‘Timelines and Transitions: Understanding Transgender & Non-Binary People’s Participation in Everyday Sport and Physical Exercise Through a Temporal Lens’. Temporality in Qualitative Enquiry (Routledge).

Abby Barras, Hannah Frith, Nigel Jarvis, and Rodrigo Lucena

2. Due summer 2021:

‘The Politics of Passing’. Handbook of Politics Gender of Sport and Physical Activity (Routledge).

3. “We just want to be listened to.” Mundane Transphobia in BBC1’s ‘The Trans Women Athlete Dispute with Martina Navratilova’

(PDF) FULL ISSUE of JOURNAL: British Mensa’s ANDROGYNY – Volume 3 – Issue 3 – October 2019. Available from:’s_ANDROGYNY_-_Volume_3_-_Issue_3_-_October_2019 [accessed Nov 01 2019].

 4. The Politics of Representation Collective, August 2019

‘The Embodied Researcher & the Disembodied Participant: Navigating Telephone Interviews with Trans &/or Non-Binary People’

View at

5. The Conversation, March 2019

‘Hostility to elite trans athletes is having a negative impact on participation in everyday sport’

This article would not exist were it not for the generosity of the people who spoke to me about their experiences. Thank you, you know who you are.… via @ConversationUK