My name is Abby Barras, and I’m a full-time PhD student at the University of Brighton, starting in October 2017.  My research focuses on what transgender athletes’ experiences of sport are at grass roots level in the UK.

I’m a feminist, a swimmer and a fresh-air enthusiast. The colder the better.

This blog starts as a place for me to think and to write about my student journey and experience, rather than the academic content of my PhD. It’s a chance to develop my writing style and to build my confidence, as well as a place to reflect on my PhD journey over the next three years. As a mature student with a family, there is a lot that can get in the way.

I plan to publish edited pieces from my MA, as well as smaller pieces on topics that have interested me – usually gender related, but don’t be surprised if swimming and motherhood turn up here too.

You can find out how I got here and more by reading my first blog, ‘Summer is Over, and I’m starting a PhD’.